Residential in Kiira

Located along Kitikifumba road, Kira town, Kampala City, this residence was completed in the year 2018. Within the one storey building are two apartments each entailing: a living area, washroom, dining space, kitchen, (ground floor) and, a study area, two bedrooms each with a washroom (first floor).

The facades are adorned with a colour theme that seamlessly blends with the landscape creating a sense of appeal for the spectator. The character of the facades is further enhanced by the interplay of openings on the facades of the building, which also let in adequate daylight into the indoor spaces.

The landscape is complimented by both softscapes and hardscapes with well-defined paths that guide you into either apartment.

The well-crafted door, off which the morning sun beautifully reflects, welcomes you into this cosy home.